I have been busy living life the last couple years and while loving every minute of being a mom of 2 little girls might be a stretch, it is a good and deeply happy time even with all the sleeplessness and crying and spoon-feeding. There’s a lot of giggling and tickling and swinging at the park and drinking hot cocoa or lemonade and “momma, can you cuddle with me?”

Along the way  I’ve been squeezing in time to write music (but not this blog, see the date of the last post 🙂 ). Maybe someday (soon?) I’ll have larger chunks of time to give to music, but for now I’m making  do with what I’ve got. And I’m happy to report that a new album is in the works! We’ll tentatively be recording in September and then with mastering and so forth, our goal is to have the album completed by December.

If you’d like to help make it happen, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign this week, so stay tuned for the official launch.

Thanks, friends!