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Today is a good day. Jason and I have been married 5 years. Wow. I don’t think I am old enough for this.  I am so grateful for him though, for his gracious and giving self.

Five years ago our pastor preached a 7 minute homily that I remember well despite everything else that went on around it. The text was Psalm 90, and he spoke of how we would find our home in an everlasting God even though our years are fleeting.  This and the psalm’s final words “establish the work of our hands” have been a rallying cry for me, for us.

Life can be disappointing and bittersweet. Life can be lovely. Life can be frail.  But our prayer is that God will establish it anyway, make it worthwhile, meaningful, significant.

Over the past month or two I have been working on a setting of Psalm 90 and hoping to record it for today. I was hoping to give you a perfect copy of it but circumstances intervened (the dog whining during a take and shaking his collar during another, family coming into town, the mic breaking) and so I’m giving you a less than perfect copy of it. May God use it anyway.