I journal sporadically and when I write a new entry I usually read at least a few pages prior. Typically this means that I say to myself, “Oh yes, I forgot that I thought that!” Or “Whoops, I guess I already wrote everything I was going to write” or better yet, “Wow, I was so smart back then!” 🙂 In other words, I have a short memory. At least for certain things. That’s why journaling is a good thing for me- it helps me remember. It helps me remember lessons learned and all the things that I am grateful for, all the ways that God has provided.

Not very long ago I told myself in my journal that I should write a blog post titled “Songwriting, Unselfishness and Happiness.” This was very helpful of myself. However, I have completely forgotten what the content of this blog post was going to be. I can surmise that I probably was going to talk about how writing for other people will bring deeper happiness than writing only for myself. That’s all I’ve got right now though.

I think the lesson here is to write everything down all at once or it’ll be gone. Something to the effect of not presuming on your future self to remember because after all that’s why you’re reminding yourself in the first place.

Let’s be honest though. You didn’t come here to read about how when I tie a string around my finger I really ought to have just done the thing then. Come to think of it, I’m not really sure why I came here…