We’ve been very busy the past few months but enjoying the lovely fall here in Kentucky. It was lovely in September, and it is still lovely. One tree turns red and drops its leaves and then another tree turns red and slowly drops its leaves, and so it goes. At one point I thought fall was over and then this happened.







Those trees are now bare, but this lovely tree is still glowing outside our window.







Thanks to a project I started this summer (which my mother-in-law graciously helped me with) and I just finished a couple weeks ago, the colors will continue indoors though too, even once is it is only gray and brown outside.












For all this beauty, I am grateful. I am grateful that God takes pleasure in painting the leaves, I am grateful that he reaches out to us. I am grateful for those around us who have reached out to us as well, and look forward to a Thanksgiving with brothers and sisters from our church, while I will miss our families in MN.

I’ll leave you with one last picture, though it isn’t very good (true confession, I took this while driving, slowly, mind you 😉 ). Every time I drive under them these branches remind me of Michelangelo’s painting The Creation of Adam, where God is reaching out to Adam and giving him life.