A little side trip from talking about songs.

We’ve been exploring here and there a bit and getting to know the area. I thought I’d share some pics!

We went to Daniel Boone National Park last weekend for a drive and hike.





My boys hanging out at Sky Bridge.




Sky Bridge and other parts of the hike.






Trying for a self-portrait, dog included.





Second try…






Socks and I have been taking occasional walks- the hill on the north side of campus always looks beautiful in the morning.



Just can’t get enough of it…




Socks thinks so too.





Sometimes we play ball. He’s pretty good.



Sometimes we take sidewalks until they end. Which is pretty much all the time.




Sometimes I go without the dog to the Blue Dog cafe. Ironic, huh? It’s been a nice spot for lyric writing.






Speaking of food… One of the plans I had for this fall was to think of cooking as a hobby- so I give to you pictures of the bounty! 



I think there is a general trend of bread items and herbs. 🙂